The Frankmobil1  Iveco game viewer project is now making some serious progress as we near the end of the major work to the structure. With plenty of debate and redesigning having gone into the works, the Team has now arrived and almost completed what will be the best design for the ultimate vehicle.

To make a serious 4x4, some significant modifications and accessories have to be added. With many  top of the range parts having come all the way from Australia to Maun, has turned the Iveco into an unstoppable 4x4. Items such as custom extra water and diesel tanks, American off road racing suspension, custom made rims, massive off road tyres and the list goes on….

With all the accessories fitted and numerous test drives, it was time to get into the custom work. Most of the inside of the cab were stripped and the roof cut off, giving the Iveco no longer the feel of a truck, but now of a traditional open game viewing vehicle. But definitely no ordinary one at that!

All the parts and shape now in place, the ‘guest side’ of the construction began, firstly with building the tray floor, followed by the design and welding of the roof and now onto the placement and design of the special marine seats that will be used. The height of the vehicle and design of the roof structure, allows for unparalleled and unobstructed views from all guest seats!

Once all has been welded and finalized with the major design of the guest section, it’s off to the sand blasting, rubberizing and powder coating, making it waterproof, rust proof and pleasing to the eye.

It is one very big project, for one very big vehicle!