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safariFRANK stems from the Steenhuisen family. Johan and Welna, with children Frank and Karin, are South African born and brewed – and now live in Australia. Our African heritage and close knit family have seen us travel overland through the African bush for over 30 years. Every family member is ‘instilled’ with a great love of the African land. Going on Safari in Africa for us is not a holiday, it is lifestyle. We want to share these real Safari experiences with you. We champion the wilds of Africa, educating, conserving and supporting as we do so.

We can’t wait to share our wild Africa with you!

The Steenhuisen Family

safarifrank team johan
  • CEO turned SEO (Serial Explorer and Overlander)
  • Real deal Afro Aussie, addicted to Africa
  • Adventurer at heart
  • Active conservationist
  • Hates unexplored spots on the map
  • Loves exploring Africa
  • Passion for startups, small business and personal service
  • Bino’s the ‘weapon of choice’

Based in Africa and Australia

safarifrank team welna
  • Heart of the team and a hippy in the city
  • Never leaves home without waterproof mascara
  • Loves snakes
  • Creative soul inspired by the beauty of Africa
  • A foodie with kick ass cooking skills around the camp fire
  • Once an athlete, but has learnt that in Africa – only food runs!
  • The best wildlife spotter of us all

Based in Africa and Australia

frank safarifrank co founder africa travel holidays tours safaris our people
  • Grew up in South African bush, schooled in Australia
  • Prefers tracking lions to city life
  • Botswana obsessed
  • Professional wildlife photographer
  • Qualified walking and vehicle guide
  • Passionate about sharing the complexity of the African bush
  • A super bird nerd who is fascinated by the smaller things
  • Believes a campfire is an essential part of life

Based in Africa & Australia

safarifrank team karin maritz
  • Afro Aussie, whose heart lies in the African bush
  • Loves rhinos and is passionate about their conservation
  • Degree in Business and Property
  • Favorite sound is a lion roaring in very close proximity
  • An adrenalin addict who is a teensy bit scared of elephants
  • Proud mommy to beautiful baby Marissa
  • Did we mention Karin loves rhinos?

Based in Australia

safarifrank team jan maritz
  • Switched on electrician who is happiest when he’s ‘off-grid’ in the African bush
  • A warrior when it comes to conservation
  • Lover of… and fighter for rhinos
  • Travelling is his addiction as long as great coffee is also in the back pack
  • Exercising makes Jan feel alive, but as a serial bookworm, so does a great read

Based in Australia

gesa neitzel private guide safaris
  • Changed her career from tv-producer to guide, to full-time writer
  • wrote two German bestsellers
  • Loves elephants more than anything… except maybe husband Frank

Based in Australia

The Team

The safariFRANK expert team is led by Johan and Frank, bringing with them a shared love of Africa and years safari travel experience. But the success of safariFRANK lies in the cohesion of our team. By working together we share our safari knowledge and are best able to serve our customers, design incredible safari itineraries and ensure a flawless travel experience. Get to know each of us better!

The safariFRANK team

johan steenhuisen safarifrank team our people elephant safari

Johan has spend the majority of his life living in South Africa. He has explored Southern Africa extensively over the years while overlanding. As a result he knows Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe inside and out! With his vehicle the BEAUTY, he continually explores the wilds of Africa determined to leave no spot on the map unvisited.

Johan has also visited Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania on multiple occasions, exploring new amazing safari destinations for our clients.

frank safarifrank steenhuisen private guide our team

Frank is our resident safari guide and wildlife photographer. Much like Johan, Frank has explored Southern Africa extensively over the years and knows safaris in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe like the back of his hand. He’s our Zambian and Botswana safari specialist!

Frank has also spent a great deal of time on safari in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Nadine SF
  • Currently based in East Africa
  • Has developed a passion for Southern Africa and especially Namibia through various travels
  • Loves: sunsets in the Erongo Mountains, the incomparable starry sky of the Namib, walking in the bush – preferably with the migration in the Serengeti
  • There is nothing better than sitting around the campfire after an exciting safari day
  • Born and raised in Germany
  • Based in Cape Town since 2014
  • Travelled the world extensively before deciding that South Africa is the place she loves most and making it her permanent home
  • Passionate about nature and wildlife
  • An experienced travel planner with a background in airline reservations & luxury travel sales for Southern Africa and East Africa
  • When she is not busy planning unforgettable trips for her clients, she enjoys gardening, surfing and spending time with her dog
Sabrina 2
  • Born and raised in Switzerland
  • Lives in South Africa
  • Her passion for the African bush led to her safari training. Today she loves to be in the bush on foot
  • The Okavango Delta is one of her absolute favourite places, besides that she has traveled to other regions of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya
  • Nothing makes her heart beat like an encounter on foot with a black rhino, and nothing is as memorable as an encounter with elephants.
  • Born and raised in Australia
  • Lois has been with safariFRANK since the start of our business!
  • She handles all the accounts and accounting.
  • The backbone of the company!

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